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Rainbow Quran

Written By uny atha on Friday, June 26, 2015 | 1:48 AM

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Rainbow Quran

Bismillahirrahmanirrahiim,, Alhamdulillah my brother and sister in muslims, this time we will shareinformation about Rainbow Quran (Koran Rainbow) or Holy Quran Book with full colour page. We will show information about the most pretty Quran in the world.

What is Rainbow Quran?

Rainbow Quran is Holy Quran Book or Quran Book with full colour pages. There is many colour on side pages of Quran. colour of pages regulerly will different for each juz or few juz. Graduate of Colour of pages is very pretty like rainbow.

Called of Rainbow Quran

Rainbow Quran have many called on the world, this is listalled of Rainbow Quran based country and languages :
  • Rainbow Quran
  • Quran Rainbow
  • Koran Rainbow
  • Al-Quran Pelangi
  • Al-Quran Rainbow
  • Rainbow Quran Bestellen
  • Rainbow Quran Koupen
  • Regenbogen Quran
  • Rainbow Quraan
  • Quran Pink
  • Colored Quran
  • Other Name

Design of Rainbow Quran 

There is 2 design of Rainbow Quran :
Rainbow Quran Arabic
Rainbow Quran Arabic is Rainbow Quran with Arabic Text Only in Uthmany or Farsy.
Raibow Quran English Translation
Rainbow Quran English Translation is Rainbow Quran with Arabic Text and English Translate.

Benefit of Rainbow Quran

Rainbow Quran have many benefit for muslim people, for example is :
  1. Colourfull Page make your eyes more fresh when reading Quran.
  2. Using 15 Lines 
  3. Very usefull for memorizing Quran.


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