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Rainbow Quran Falistya - New Design Arabic

Written By uny atha on Thursday, June 18, 2015 | 11:50 PM

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Product Name Rainbow Quran Falistya
17x12 cm
Colour more than 10 colours
Price $7.5 - $11 USD

Rainbow Quran Falistya is New Design of Rainbow Quran Arabic. There is no Translation in this Quran Book. Rainbow Quran Falistya is use Khat Madinah Resm Uthmani. Arabic Text very beautifull because use Khat Madaina (Madina Style).

Description of Rainbow Quran Falistya

Rainbow Quran Falistya New Design Arabic have best Quality Specification :
  • Quran 30 Juz
  • Rainbow Pages  30 Juz
  • Arabic Text use Madinah Style
  • Code of Arabic Text use Uthmani Resm
  • 15 Lines
  • Cover made from Exclusive Velvet

Colour of Rainbow Quran Falistya

Rainbow Quran Falistya have more than 10 Colour Available, very colourfull make people have many option choose their favourite colour such :
  1. Magenta/Fuschia
  2. Soft Pink/Light Pink
  3. Dark Purple/Deep Purple
  4. Soft Purple/Light Purple
  5. Dark Blue/Royal Blue
  6. Soft Blue/Light Blue
  7. Red
  8. Turquoise/Teal
  9. Dark Green
  10. Silver
  11. Grey
  12. Black
  13. Dark Brown
  14. Mocca
  15. Yellow Gold
  16. Maroon 
  17. Dusty Pink/Peach
  18. Navy Blue
colour of Rainbow Quran, colour of Rainbow Quran Falistya

rainbow quran falistya inside
inner look of Rainbw Quran pages


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